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About Us

The musicians

Barrenhart is a four piece folk and celtic bluegrass band based in Barren County and Hart County, Kentucky.   
Barrenhart is:  
Hazel Johnson - Mandolin and Guitar
Greg Cutcliff -  Bass, Bagpipes, Chanter and Vocals
David Foster - Guitar, Fiddle, Piano and Vocals
Masako Yamashita Jeffers - Fiddle and Piano

Our history

 Barrenhart’s Celtic Bluegrass combines instrumental mastery with a deep knowledge of traditional folk music. By a quirk of fate, these four musicians originating from all parts of the globe, live within ten miles of each other in rural Kentucky. Dave and Hazel began playing together in 1999 and discovered a mutual interest in old time fiddle tunes. While performing at the Glasgow Highland Games in 2010, they met Greg and the seeds of Barrenhart began to take shape with a performance at the International Newgrass Festival. Masako and her family began farming in Kentucky in 2015. Masako’s bluegrass fiddling added the missing element that gives Barrenhart its unique, distinctive sound.  



To listen to CELTICGRASS, please click the image.